Invest in the West Midlands in the UK

Home to three thriving cities — Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton — the West Midlands is on the move. 

Economic revival
The region is seeing an economic revival with rapid growth. The West Midlands Combined Authority has one of the fastest growing economies of any Combined Authority in the country, with a GVA growth rate of 20.2% over the last five years

The West Midlands is proud of its young, diverse and entrepreneurial population. Eight universities and world-class research institutions produce 52,000 graduates every year. More than 1.3 million under 25s living in the region.

Around the world, the most successful ideas emerge from places which have three critical things: world-class research institutions; a cluster of high technology firms: and major government investment. The West Midlands is home to all three.

Quality of life
The West Midlands offers a huge range of cultural interests, drawing around 120 million visitors a year. Quality of life in Birmingham is ranked higher than Rome, Los Angeles, Osaka, Shanghai and Dubai. Wolverhampton undergoing a £1 billion transformation. While Coventry has been selected at the 2021 UK City of Culture and Birmingham will be the next host of the Commonwealth Games.

The region enjoys an unparalleled strategic location at the heart of the country’s motorway and rail network. 90% of the UK population live no more than a four-hour drive away. Birmingham airport has flights to 150 destinations worldwide. From global players to start-ups business are drawn to the West Midlands for its superb transport links.

The region’s growing, diverse economy is key strength. Instead of being reliant on one sector, the West Midlands is home to leaders in finance, life sciences, digital, automotive and aerospace. 

Key sectors include:

  • Business, Professional & Financial Services
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Materials
  • Technology
  • Food Processing
  • Games and AI
  • Low Carbon & Energy Storage
  • Life Sciences
  • Rail
  • Advanced manufacturing

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