A world-first study of the global expansion strategies of the most exciting and innovative growth companies

  • How and where are you going to go global?
  • When evaluating new locations for your international operations, what factors do you need to consider? What will make a winning location for your business?
  • Where are you going to find the right balance of workforce talent and expertise at a viable cost?
  • Where can you get the best levels of digital infrastructure to store and communicate data?
  • Whilst global start-up hotspots are well known, where are the hidden gems? The reality is that in today’s dynamic world, there are plenty of world class companies that have come out of relatively unknown ‘tier 2’ and even ‘tier 3’ countries and cities.

Around the world cities are trying to be ‘smarter’ and are actively supporting their local start-up ecosystems. Countries, states, cities and their investment promotion/economic development agencies want your business and they have an excellent record in helping international companies, for free, to set up and grow their business operations, and to engage with local ecosystems, markets and investors.

Whether your company is already a Unicorn business or is an aspiring Unicorn of tomorrow, our new study ‘Foreign Direct Investment and the Rise of the Unicorns’ is a must-read for you.

Pioneering new research

This report will give you a unique insight into the FDI (foreign direct investment) and corporate location strategies of the world’s highest valued and most promising technology start-ups.

If your company is internationalising and you are in one of these industries, this report will be useful for you: information technologycommunicationslife sciencescleantechrenewable energyfood and nutritioncosmeticsadvanced manufacturingtransport technologynanotechnologyfinancial servicesartificial intelligencedata analyticseducation technology

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