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Iceland is world-renowned for its economic advancement, social stability, and technological innovation

Green power, land, location and infrastructure are part of Iceland’s unique value proposition.

Offering a strategic location between North America and Europe, Iceland focuses on a favourable business environment with only 20% corporate tax, skilled and multilingual labour force, advanced infrastructure, availability of land, long term contracts for highly cost competitive green energy and efficient incentives.

Iceland is part of the common European market and was also the first European country to sign an extensive free trade agreement with China. Iceland offers frequent air and sea cargo connections to major hubs on both sides of the Atlantic.

Data Centres

Iceland is the coolest location for a data center. 100% green & sustainable energy from reliable power sources at competitive prices combined with a highly qualified workforce and attractive business incentives make Iceland an ideal location for world class data centers.

Life Sciences and Medical Devices

The life sciences sector, including medical devices, is a fast growing and exciting industry in Iceland. With strong government support, an impressive academic network, advanced health care system and the country's natural energy resources, Iceland offers great opportunities for knowledge-based industries.

Geothermal Value Streams

Controlled production of valuable microalgae, fishfarming, greenhouse cultivation of pure and pesticide free bio-active crops and low cost industrial steam are just some of the possibilities that Iceland's advanced and sustainable geothermal utilisation opens for investors. Land, energy, natural heat, infrastructure and skills available.

Tourism infrastructure, resorts and attractions

Unspoilt rugged and otherworldly nature and vibrant cultural and culinary scenes have attracted a fast growing number of visitors to Iceland. The growth has been fairly constant and mainly outside the high-season. In 2014 the number of visitors grew by 104% compared to 2010 and 142% off-season. With up to 140 daily flights connecting Iceland to major hubs on both sides of the Atlantic the value proposition is sound.


Polysilicon is part of a growing and diverse environmental technology sector. Iceland's ability to offer 100% green power via long term contracts and tariff free access to key markets makes it a perfect choice for cleantech and hightech enterprises that are looking to take advantage of this unique access to clean energy.

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