A ground-breaking study into the enormous potential for business and innovation in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region. This report includes an analysis of investor perceptions and profiles of countries, regions and cities. It covers the key companies, technology parks and universities/research centres based in this thriving market worth €1.3 trillion ($1.8 trillion).


This study answers vital questions such as:


Gain a unique insight into the opportunities for investment in locations across the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region in a single comprehensive report.

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Nordic/baltic sea region

The Nordics and Baltic Sea Region represents a market of 52 million consumers and a combined economic worth of around €1.3 trillion ($1.8 trillion). In terms of corporate location and investment opportunities, it is a very diverse area that includes the prosperous, Nordic and Northern German technology hotspots, the growth potential and lower cost base of the increasingly innovative Poland, the dynamic Baltic States and the metropolis of St Petersburg. International companies and venture capital players invest here for very different reasons and business opportunities.


This project will study the opportunities for investment in the countries and regions around the Baltic Sea, including the following regions and others:



Aarhus, Copenhagen, Odense



Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere, Turku


Hamburg, Kiel, Schwerin





Greater Oslo


Gdansk, Olsztyn, Szczecin


St Petersburg


Gothenburg, Lulea, Skane, Stockholm


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